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Dear Investor,

I extend a warm and sincere welcome to you, our valued guest, as you explore the Letoon Holding Ltd platform. Our mission is one that we hold close to our hearts: to generate healthy profits for our investors within the framework of a circular economy.

At Letoon Holding Ltd, we are committed to addressing critical global challenges head-on. Our focus lies in tackling three significant issues:

1. The Global Food Waste Epidemic: It’s astonishing that food waste accounts for an estimated $1 trillion, which represents a staggering 1% of the World GDP. We aim to make a substantial impact in reducing this colossal waste.

2. Unlocking the Potential of Botanical Resources: Our planet boasts an abundance of botanical resources, yet much of their potential remains untapped. We seek to harness this potential for the benefit of all.

3. Applying Medical Expertise to Industrial Extractions: With decades of medical expertise, we are determined to utilize our knowledge and experience in enhancing finished products derived from industrial extractions and co-extractions.

Letoon Capital, our group, offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges. Our ecosystem is rich in scientific knowledge and features multi-decade product formulation experience gained through partnerships with pharmaceutical giants such as Bayer, Novartis, Angelini, Ginsana, as well as successful entrepreneurs in the nutraceutical industry who are all founding shareholders. Moreover, we collaborate with eight Universities to support research in areas such as anti-cancer, anti-viral products, and well-being formulations based on over 200 vegetable matrices.

Our ambitious goal is to make a significant impact in a global market estimated at $50 billion. However, our commitment goes beyond just producing commodities. We aspire to leverage our scientific and medical expertise to enhance end-products, meeting the unique formulation needs of our pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food sector customers. Their specific requests have led us to take on the role of enhancing their product development activities, and we stand ready to assist in every way possible.

The true magic of Letoon Holding Ltd lies in our extensive know-how, which complements our technological capabilities. While patented technologies are important, it is our know-how that truly sets us apart. We are poised to produce not only alongside existing patented technologies but also to generate new patented processes and fresh, groundbreaking new patented products.

As you explore our website, we invite you to embark on a journey with us. Our website will serve as a platform for keeping you informed about our latest developments, and we eagerly await your insights and opinions on our business model and performance. We believe in democratizing our group, and as an investor, you are an integral part of this venture—your ownership and influence are as significant as our own.

I encourage you to get on board and look forward to meeting you at our next gathering. Your engagement is highly valued, and we are excited about the positive changes we can bring about together.

Once again, welcome to Letoon Holding Ltd.

Warm regards,

Matteo Turi