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Letoon Holding has collectively over 50 years of experience in the production of high-quality medicinal oil and active ingredients derived from plant matrices, utilizing innovative ultrasonic technologies in accordance with GMP pharmaceutical quality standards.

We are committed to delivering excellent, highly bioavailable products to our customers, harnessing the most innovative technologies available. Our cutting-edge ultrasonic technology enables us to efficiently extract and purify medicinal products from plants without compromising the quality of the final product.

But what truly sets our medicinal oil and vegetable extracts apart? The answer lies in our meticulous adherence to rigorous GMP pharmaceutical standards. Every stage of our production process undergoes stringent quality controls, ensuring the utmost purity, safety, and consistency of our medicinal oil. Our dedication to quality is the key to providing reliable products and meeting our customers’ expectations.

Our scientific committee is led by SIMN (Italian Society of Natural Medicine), and we take pride in collaborating with industry experts and leading researchers to ensure that our products are at the forefront of the latest discoveries in the field of vegetable extracts and medicinal plants. Our highly qualified team and ongoing commitment to research and development enable us to offer innovative and high-quality formulations.

Team and Key Roles

Matteo Turi

CEO & Founder

28 years of extensive experience in M&A, scale-up, clean technologies, capital markets, life-science industry, and infrastructure project financing.

Luigi De Petrillo

Procurement Director & JV nutraceutical partner

Scientific coordinator of SIMN (Italian Society of Natural Medicine), expert phytotherapy pharmacist, CBD, and vegetable extract experience

Antonello Sannia

Scientific Partner

30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and phytotherapy industries. Extensive knowledge of the whole life-science and medical market

Giuseppe Perla

Operations Director & JV industrial partner

Our San Marino partner is the founder and CEO of Phyto Prime since 2017 with a manufacturing plant designed for our business execution.

Maria Caterina Giuliano

Legal Counsel & JV partner

Lawyer with strong expertise in civil and criminal law, as well as in the field of national and European regulations regarding dietary supplements, notification, labeling, trademarks, and patents, with a special focus on Regulatory Affairs.

Claudio Spada

IT & Marketing Partner

15+ years experience as digital & marketing entrepreneur. Extensive experience in the medicinal, nutraceutical, and food industries.

Alan Carvell


30 years in investment banking, having begun as an analyst specialising in the Breweries, Hotels and Tobacco sector before managing equity teams in the Far East, UK and Germany. Now consultant to a global investment banking Executive Search company and involved with a revolutionary energy business.

Our EcoSystem

Partners and Resources


SIMN (Società Italiana di Medicina Naturale) promotes natural medicine in Italy, fostering health and well-being through holistic approach

Italian Universities

We actively collaborate with several Italian Universities in Milan, Turin, Pisa, and. many others. The goal is active scienti????c development

Phyto Prime - San Marino

" Your premier destination for quality botanical products, promoting natural wellness and empowering a healthy lifestyle."

Agricultural ecosystem

We have several agricultural suppliers we collaborate with to obtain the best possible raw materials for our end-product.

Treelife Pharma

Phytotherapy, raw materials, and services with the support of SIMN (Italian Society on Natural Medicine). Owned by our Procurement Manager